Product & services

iPhone/Android Event Capture & Mapper app for law enforcement or educational institution.

RiverLog has built several mobile applications. We have published event capture application on android and iPhone which uses sensory components and automatically send event notifications.

Quantum - An ERP for Large and Mid-Size Colleges & All Academic Institutions

One of the large ERP implementations for academic institutions in India and Europe, this ERP is being presented to the American schools and universities. Quantum is a complete eGovernance system for academic institutions.

Low Cost ERP For Manufacturers and Builders

Using opensource framework, RiverLog bundles top of the line, high efficient ERP for manufacturers and builders at very low cost.

Low Cost CRM for Small Businesses

RiverLog's CRM is a subscription based model for all markets. Talk to our staff members to get a trial version.

BioBuilder Version 7.5, Stand alone application for Overseas recruitment agents.

An application tracking system, BioBuilder 7.5 has about 359 Installations across India and the USA. Please send email to for a link to download and try it for 30 days. BioBuilder 7,5 is an AI based ATS system that captures every details of data according to compliance needed from applications and does fully cycle tracking. It has an inbuilt tiny CRM.

Service Delivery Management Tool

Using intuitive screens and project management methodologies integrated and enabled in the cloud, manage service delivery efficiently. May it be plumbing or complex software projects, deliver your services, track and manage them to attain maximum ROI on your projects.

Agent Document Extractor

Based on Artificial Intelligence, use this framework built by RiverLog to so sentimental analysis or extract words needed for your business from any kind of file system.