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RiverLog's partnership program

Extend your business beyond limits through RiverLog’s partnership program. By becoming a partner RiverLog shares its knowledge tanks to develop your business.

Trusted IT Partnership Model for organizations. Organizations who channel through trusted partnership model will work on various projects undertaken by RiverLog. These partners will be approached to develop applications or provide services that RiverLog will scale out. Send an email to

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Trusted IT Partnership Model

Vendors entering your premises are challenged to squeeze money out of budgetary limits. This often cripples other sourcing capabilities and business enhancement possibilities that you may otherwise get engaged with. With RiverLog’s product portfolio Sourcing partner program, you can get the maximum benefit in choosing great products for your organization. We may have already done benchmarking for the product you are in search for and with that knowledge and, considering your enterprise strategy, business model and technical components, we will present the  best product purchase decision and deployment planWe will engage with you and the vendor of the application or product, to provide maximum benefits to either parties. Wen provide our knowledge tanks.  These knowledge tanks use various tools to capture business flows across IT components and provide the technical architecture required to fit the vendor application within your walls.

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RiverLog's product portfolio Sourcing

Traditional methods would be to work with vendor management systems,  in a never ending negotiation cycle. But this will not bear fruit for either parties as time to market extends which can delay in seizing opportunities. RiverLog technical composite study that dwells into both enterprise business processes and the vendor product, through immersion, supersedes the traditional vendor management approach and provides high value to both parties (Vendor who is selling the application AND the enterprise who is purchasing and deploying the solution) .

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This considerably reduces sales cycle and/or time to market for either parties.

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