RiverLog's Consolidated Cloud Enablement Package

RiverLog evaluated twelve different vendors in the cloud space. The list is provided at the end of this article. We looked at their offerings, pricing models, interfaces to administrative tasks with their webservices, their infrastructure, support models and technical composites, public, private and hybrid nature of their offering, various models of cloud such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc and came up with a spreadsheet. Based on this and the company’s involvement in resurrecting cloud enabled environment, we decided to spawn off a service that can  provide high value for enterprises. The service is a consolidated effort in which we begin with a thorough assessment module.

Assessment module consists of the following:-

  • Study of Business Requirements
  • Current application and deployment models.
  • Current Licensing models.
  • Current Cost models.
  • Customers and usage history.
  • SLA’s currently in place.
  • Security Policies.
  • External, internal usage if any and finally
  • Integration requirements.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Based on the above, RiverLog will provide a concise report on its proposed Cloud deployment model. RiverLog can also bring in vendors who can support the proposed model. In after having in-depth education sessions with these vendors, we can engage them with enterprises in successfully enabling the cloud environment.

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