Thank you for visiting RiverLog Software, Consulting & Advisory Services. RiverLog is head quartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA with offices across the globe.  Our consulting and advisory services are efficiently packaged and available to begin work within 24 hours of first contact. We are very agile, unlike other large corporations which requires several processes to be executed before engagement begins. Simply put, we are agile and practice lean management principles.

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Riverlog Software is a product and services company. Core services include but not limited to:

      1. Cyber Security Audit
      2. Systems Integration
      3. Custom Development
      4. eCommerce and integration services with ERP systems for large enterprises
      5. eCommerce enablement for small and medium sized businesses

Please visit our contact page to know our development centers in the USA, India, Europe, Singapore and the middle-east. Please visit our partner link to enable “Service Connect”. RiverLog believes in partner centric eco-system. Please visit out partner page. Talk to us.

Send us an email info@riverlog.com OR call us at 415-251-2404 Selectively, RiverLog will invest on  startup products, by providing resources to chosen product companies or service companies under construction. To be qualified, send us an email to partner@riverlog.com with details. Please read our DISCLAIMER page before any email communications.


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College management system or Academic ERP helps education institutions to manage their academic, administrative, attendance, library, finance system very efficiently and seamlessly do the entire administrative tasks or day to day operations so that the faculty can concentrate on imparting education to students. This uplifts the quality of education which consequently increments student enrollment. Quantum College Management System or Academic ERP is one of the biggest implementations in India.


School Management System is for schools. We have two different versions. One for colleges or universities and the other for elementary schools, middle schools or high schools. Quantum is one of the best best school management system which contains various features to effectively record, manage and process data for schools, …


An applicant tracking system (ATS) BioBuilder (Digital Transform) is an AI based application tracking system that helps recruitment companies in their hiring and placement efforts.

eCommerce enablement and integration with ERP

The advent of multiple eCommerce and fulfillment centers have given rise to a new possibilities. This extremely high sales possibilities have woken up giant retailer around the globe to use multi-channel outlets to make selling to end customers. This obvious high revenue generating model within the distributed order management system or DOMS require expertise in connecting with mega retailers such as Amazon, walmart or alibaba, magento and so forth. RiverLog specializes in this arena.


AyushPOS, RiverLog’s POS is a cloud enabled, low cost of ownership system that is well built for small businesses such as restaurant, super markets, boutiques and others. AyushPOS, can be enabled within short cycle time. Just start your business, call us and start doing business.

Service Oriented Architecture And Systems Integration

RiverLog’s architecture team will work with enterprises in integrating applications with ERP/CRM systems, eCommerce or SCM applications. Be part of the cloud world. RiverLog’s aggressive recruitment team can mobilize team sizes with quick turn around time. We are agile and practice lean management principles. RiverLog’s Micro Services Architecture has state of the art re-usable, secured design templates that could be used by enterprises to reduce development, testing and deployment time.