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Testing & Assessment

According to Aberdeen, 57% of companies use pre-hire assessments to test the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications of their candidates so vendors in this space are in high demand.

Video Interviewing

With a recent survey finding 63% of HR managers having conducted an online interview, video interviewing software is becoming an important part of the recruiting tech stack

AI & Automation

Over 66 percent of CEOs believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR. The competing demands of increased hiring volume and decreased recruiter headcount

With 90% of large companies and 68% of SMBs estimated to use an ATS, applicant tracking systems is the biggest category of recruiting software.

Screen Candidates Automatically, in Real-Time, with Incredible Accuracy

BioBuildet-DT scans and filters resumes, grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real-time, all within your existing ATS dashboard. BioBuilder-DT resume screening software eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening.

Reach out to the best candidates in days, not weeks.

Use Automation To Progress Candidates And Accelerate Mundane Tasks

Utilize the ability to stage progress candidates within your ATS automatically, improving both the candidate and recruiter experience.

Use BioBuilder-DT to trigger other integrations like assessments, skype interviews, linkedin connections and calendar invitations directly to candidates.

Honorable Clients

  • john watson

    - congo-t recruiting

    The AI system available with BioBuilder is very helpful in extracting identities of candidates and fill our own database for further helping with the recruitment process. We are able to automatically extract data in real time and make it available for our searches. The patented search available with BioBuilder-DT is very useful to us. 

  • Paul walkner

    - Silhou hiring

    Donhue is a very efficient company and we need an efficient ATS. When we took a look at various cloud system, we thought we like to go for something that is not just cloud but also a system which can help us with recruitment while we are traveling. BioBuilder-DT helped us with this requirement.

  • Anderson

    - Donhue management system

    BioBuilder-DT was a great buy for us. Having been able to extract information from incoming resume' was not only less time consuming but made out recruitment process much easier. When we heard the name BioBuilder-DT digital transform, we were very excited.

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